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Create the desired appearance of your miniature by choosing from lots of looks, positions and even objects to hold!

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Next to the standard scales like H0, 0 and 1, we also offer custom scaling (1:90 ~ 1:30)

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Modify offers a range of two materials, MDFY Standard & MDFY Premium. Read more about our materials in the model configurator

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Extremely detailed miniatures

Modify miniatures enables you to customize your own miniatures and get them delivered to your doorstep. We use high-resolution 3d print technology to make your designed miniatures come to life. With this technology the miniatures will get extremely detailed, even in the smallest scale we provide (1:87).

We bring miniatures to life

After your miniature is customized as desired, the miniature will be manufactured conducting a 3 step process: First, your model will be printed, after that, your model will take a bath to clean it from any leftover material. Finally, the miniature will be cured and is now ready to be safely shipped to your home!

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