What is Modify miniatures?

Modify miniatures is a young and dynamic platform that enables you to customize your own miniatures and get them delivered to your doorstep. We use high-resolution 3D print technology to make your designed miniatures come to life. With this technology, the miniatures will get extremely detailed, even in the smallest scale we provide (1:87). This makes our miniatures perfectly suitable for diorama's, architectural scale models and miniature railroad collectors. All our miniatures are manufactured in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

What materials are used for the Modify miniatures?

We have carefully selected the best materials suitable for our objectives. Modify offers a range of two materials: 

What sizes can I order?

Our printers can print miniatures in all scales on and between 1:90 and 1:30 With the customize option you can make your preferred scale. If you have a request for a special size please inform us (info@modify-miniatures.com) and maybe we can help you out.

How do I remove the packaging support grip from the miniature(s)?

Your miniatures are packed in our custom packaging boxes and kept in position with the support grip (attached to the miniature) inside the foam interior. Carefully lift your miniature to remove it from the foam. Once your miniature is removed, hold your miniature close to the attachment point of the support grip and break off the support grip attachment (or use small wire cutters to cut the grip). If needed, you can sand off the last bits with sanding paper. Note that if you plan to paint your miniature, you might want to leave the grip/handle attached to the model for a little longer.

Can I paint the miniature?

The Railroad Special is specially selected for model railroad collectors as it is ideal for painting. Most acrylic miniature paints from the popular brands (e.g. Citadel, Humbrol, P3, Vallejo or Tamiya) are fine. Before you start painting make sure that the Modify miniatures is free of dust, dirt or any residue left-over from the 3D-printing process. Also make sure it is dry. Some prefer to use a miniature paint primer to ensure that the acrylic paint adheres well. Also, a layer of acrylic varnish is sometimes added after painting to reinforce the paint color. Please be aware that 3D prints tend to be less smooth to paint than an injection molded miniature. The Architect Pro is beautiful in its own right and we do not recommend to paint it. Architects typically do not paint and use white colored miniatures.

Can I order an allready painted the miniature?

We do not offer any painting services yet, however, we have close connections to price winning miniature painters in The Netherlands. Feel free to send an email to info@modify-miniatures.com if you have special inquiries and we will look into it.

Which currency is used for the listed prices?

Modify is a European company, with its origin in the Netherlands. Therefore, all prices are in Euro.

What payment methods could be used?

Modify uses a payment platform that can process the following payment systems:

How is the miniature delivered? How long does it take?

Modify has an arrangement with a reputable parcel company in the Netherlands. Depending on the country where the parcel is delivered selected parcel partners are used. We put quality above speed! All miniatures are printed on customer specification and go through three separate steps. After printing, each miniature is cleared from residual material and then cured. Finally, all miniatures are individually checked on quality. We typically ship your miniature(s) within 10 working days. Note that on holidays like Christmas this might take a little longer.

Can I put in a rush order?

We currently have no option for Express or next-day services.

Is there Track & Trace possible?

We will send a Track & Trace at the confirmation of the shipment.

What does the shipping cost?

Modify Miniatures has the following shipping costs:

Please be aware that orders placed outside the Netherlands may be subject to additional local taxes, duties or delivery fees depending on your country’s shipping practices. Any such additional costs are not included in quoted prices.

When do you receive FREE Shipping?

All orders of Euro 100 or more qualify for FREE Shipping.

How about Value-Added-Tax (VAT)?

As we are a European company we are obliged to invoice according to EU-rules. Orders shipped within The Netherlands are including Dutch VAT. Orders shipped outside the Netherlands are excluding VAT. We ship to most countries in the world so please keep in mind that we are not aware of all local VAT-rules. We must adhere to EU rules and unfortunately cannot prevent that local authorities in countries outside the Netherlands could request you to pay local VAT or any other local taxes. Up to now, we have not been informed by any of our customers that this has happened, but this is not said it will not occur. We would appreciate it if you would inform us if this happens (info@modify-miniatures.com) so we can advise future customers.

My order did not arrive? / The miniature received is not what I ordered? /
During shipping the miniature is broken?

Although we produce and transport with the highest standards and care there is always something that can go wrong. If that happens please send us an e-mail (support@modify-miniatures.com) with your complaint (and a photograph to support this if applicable) and we will do our utmost to make you satisfied again! Do not return the model(s) unless we ask you to do so.

Can I return the ordered miniature?

The miniature is produced specifically for a customer based on the order submitted. It is customized and therefore could not be returned.

Are the materials used food safe?

The plastics and other materials used are non-food grade. The miniatures therefore cannot be used with, on or as food. Please make sure that children or animals cannot eat it.

Do you sell personal data to other companies?

Modify miniatures does not sell or provide personal data to other companies for commercial purposes. We respect the privacy of our customers. The personal information we collect is purely for Modify’s own use and to improve the service to our customers.

Do you have a question which is not covered in the above FAQ? Please contact us at info@modify-miniatures.com